Authentic Empty Refillable Myle Replaceable Pods

39 AED

Compatible Cigalike Link

Thanks to the MYLÈ Empty Pods 4-Pack, you can use any nic salt e-liquid that you’d like while enjoying one of the most powerful and sophisticated pod systems in the world. This pack gives you four refillable pod cartridges that are totally compatible with your device.

Each pod 0.9mL cartridge is good for a couple of refills before it’s time to get tossed. Now, refilling is easy thanks to the plug mechanism that’s at the bottom of each cartridge. This plug system prevents your e-juice from leaking everywhere.

The MYLÈ Empty Pods 4-Pack is a convenient way to enjoy the world of salt nic flavors that are out there.

Note: These pod cartridges are compatible with salt-based nicotine e-liquids.

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