Authentic Buttercream by Cream Team E-Liquid - 100ml - 3MG

68 AED

Cream Team Buttercream E-Liquid is a rich and delicious Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Buttercream for a smooth and decadent vaping experience. You'll think of your favorite soft serve Ice Cream frozen into a cake and covered thick Buttercream Icing while inhaling this sumptuous e-juice with an ultra creamy finish. Cream Team is America's Favorite Ice Cream vape for a reason. Buttercream is lovingly crafted using only the finest ingredients and one of the top selling flavors in the Cream Team Line of gourmet premium e-juices by King's Crest. Get your hands on a 100ml Bottle of Buttercream today.

Nicotine Level: 3mg


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