Authentic Watermelon Fogg by Secret Sauce (Pack of 3!)

48 AED


The secret to quenching off in the middle of the summer heat is a nice, big, juicy slice of watermelon. It sounds so simple, in theory, but in practicality it may be one of the more difficult tasks to fill your summer day. First, you need the strength to lug one of the giant behemoths from the car to the kitchen. Then the carving begins. Repeatedly slice into the thick rinds with all your might and you still may find you haven't made much of a dent. When you do get a formidable piece carved out of the massive melon, you wind up dribbling the juice on your crisp, white t-shirt. We all know that's the only color to wear between Memorial and Labor Day. How about we make it simple for you? By we, we're referring to the makers of Secret Sauce Watermelon disposable pod device. The ability to obtain thirst-quenching, sweet watermelon flavor couldn't be any easier. Just pop a pod into your compatible device, take a nice, long drag and blow thick clouds that will overcome the intensity of the summer heat and give you a moment of refreshment and relief. When you inhale Secret Sauce Watermelon you'll instantly turn giddy with happiness at the lightning fast ability it has to cool you off. The sweet watermelon juice flavor creeps in and provides you with a cool spritz to put out the fires on your taste buds and give your pores a break from all the sweating. As the vapor approaches your throat it is unconditionally welcomed to cool the parched, dry feeling you've been having to deal with. Leave the melons on the shelves and reach in your pocket or purse for a disposable pod device of Secret Sauce Watermelon when you need instant refreshment without the hassle of actually working for it.

  • 3 Pods per Pack
  • 5% Nicotine
  • Approximately 20 Cigarettes per Pack
  • Approximately 300 Puffs

Package Includes: 

 3 x Secret Sauce Grape - Fogg Disposable Pod Device

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