Authentic MINT by JUUL Replaceable Pods - 50MG

74 AED


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Experience a cool and refreshing sensation with each puff of JUUL Pods Cool Mint. Made with high quality ingredients Cool Mint will provide your taste buds with a crisp and clean vaping sensation. Consisting of a blend of yummy peppermint and a dash of menthol this refreshing flavor will keep your taste buds happy. JUUL Cool Mint Pods is perfect for vape enthusiasts that enjoy menthol flavors with a soft and sweet undertone.

With each inhale of JUUL Cool Mint Pods a rush of peppermint will flood your taste palate with all of its glory. Sweet and refreshing notes of peppermint will tickle your taste buds while providing a menthol like sensation. During exhale a crisp and smooth wave of chilling menthol will perfectly compliment the flavor and tie this flavor together giving you a well rounded and satisfying menthol flavor.

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