Authentic Mango Fogg by Secret Sauce (Pack of 3!)

48 AED


If you think you are overdue for a little you time, then you should probably get your hands on these disposable pod devices that will give you a quick fix. The Secret Sauce Mango Disposable Pod Device By Fogg Vape is going to be fruity and flavorful every time you decide to take a pull. Each pod mod is going to allow you to take about 300 puffs before you think it does not have anything else to offer you. They are none refillable so you will not have to worry about grabbing a vape juice bottle and trying to fill it back up again. This particular one is going to have some mango flavored vape juice that is going to have your mouth watering mostly every time you go for a hit. When you decide to go on the vaping adventure you have been dreaming of, you will almost instantly taste the juicy mango notes bursting into your mouth and scattering all over the place. They somehow heard your taste buds have not indulged in anything rich in a while, so they are here to treat them right as quickly as possible. The mango makes you feel as if you are chilling on a tropical island watching the big waves crash onto shore and carefully retreat. The cocktail in your palate is going to start growing this creamy vibe that makes the vape juice have an easier time making its ways down your throat. You better be ready for the throat hit that is going to be intense and leaving you wanting more. When you exhale, you will receive a visit from a couple of clouds that are going to be aromatic. Just take a small draw and you will be on the vape trip you have been wishing for.

3 Pods per Pack
  • 5% Nicotine
  • Approximately 20 Cigarettes per Pack
  • Approximately 300 Puffs

Package Includes: 

 3 x Secret Sauce Grape - Fogg Disposable Pod Device

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