Authentic BlackBerry Crumble by Dinner Lady Tuck Shop - 30ml - (30MG & 50MG)

37 AED

Do you want a straight-outta-the-oven type pie flavor that will make you vaping smile? If so, get ready to experience a wonderful dessert vape unlike any other. Blackberry Crumble SALT – Dinner Lady 30ml allows you to indulge in a luscious blackberry crumble while getting a satisfying dose of salt-based nicotine. It consists of juicy, freshly picked blackberries that have been cooked in sugar and covered with a crispy crumble of oats, nuts and brown sugar.

On the inhale, you’ll taste the ripeness of the blackberries as sweetness, tartness and tang take turns pleasing your tongue. Then, the oats and nuts crawl across the palate. Each exhale offers up the richness of this luscious treat as it takes over with the combination of brown sugar and cinnamon swirling around the taste buds.

Blackberry Crumble SALT vape juice from Dinner Lady comes in a 30ml dropper bottle with a balanced throat hit blend.


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