Authentic Classic Tobacco by JUUL Replaceable Pods - 50MG

74 AED


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Enjoy vaping a true and clean tobacco flavor with JUUL Pods Classic Tobacco. Since JUUL Pods are crafted with salt nicotine expect nothing less than an extremely tasty and accurate tobacco flavor due to the fact that salt nicotine is extracted directly from tobacco leaves. You will experience smooth and crisp natural occurring tobacco flavor that consists of earthy tones and aromatic notes. JUUL Pods Classic Tobacco is perfect for vape enthusiasts looking to kick the habit of quitting cigarettes.

With each inhale of JUUL Pods Classic Tobacco your taste buds will be greeted with a tasty note of earthy tobacco flavors. Natural tones you will find when smoking a cigar but in a healthier alternative method of vaping. During exhale is where a nice aromatic note of freshly harvested tobacco leaves emerges and gives you the ultimate closure to a great tasting tobacco flavor.

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