Authentic MySmok ISMOD II

389 AED


Mysmok iSMODⅡTobacco Heating Device 1900mAh is a heat-not-burn device to be used with tobacco. It features fast charging and battery capacity of 1900mAh. It comes in three different colors. Have a try!

Specifications of Mysmok iSMODⅡTobacco Heating Device 1900mAh:

  • Size: 55*100*200mm
  • Battery Type: High Rate Lithium Battery
  • Rod Battery Capacity:100mah
  • Charger Battery Capacity:1900mAh
  • Charge Mode: Fast Charging
  • Smoking Time: 195s
  • Preheating Time: <10s
  • Heating Temperature: 350℃

Packing List of Mysmok iSMODⅡTobacco Heating Device 1900mAh:

  • 1* Charging Base
  • 2* Double Rods
  • 1* USB Cable
  • 1* User Manual
  • 1*pack of alcohol disinfection sticks
  • Cleaning tools

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