Authentic Latte Fogg by Secret Sauce (Pack of 3!)

51 AED

Do you feel like you want to go on a vape trip, but do not feel like going through the process of filling up your tank and all that other nonsense? Well, good thing Fogg Vape has jumped into the vaping industry because they know a thing or two about making vaping simpler. This brand is introducing us to the Secret Sauce Latte Disposable Pod Device, which is going to be loaded with some vape juice so that you can start puffing right away. Each pod device is going to allow you to take about 300 puffs, which is most likely going to last you a long time. However, the latte flavor is probably going to be so good, you may not even notice yourself enjoying it a little too much than you typically do. When you take a pull of the vape juice, you are quickly going to feel as if you are in a coffee shop helping yourself to an amazing latte that was just made by an incredible barista. The latte is going to taste rich, and you might pick up a couple of coffee notes that truly make this beverage come to life, or should we say vape trip? The blend starts to get smoother and smoother, and you can feel it begin to move down your throat. This vape juice is going to offer a throat hit that explodes inside of you and makes the notes more potent than you thought they would ever be. Start helping yourself to some amazing vape juices and ditch the ones that are not doing it for you. An easy draw activated design will allow you to easily take a hit and enjoy the vape adventure that you are going to go on. These pods are non-refillable, so once you are done with one, toss it out and connect a new one that will be ready for you to enjoy. 


Product Features: 


  • Primary Flavors: Latte, Coffee
  • Disposable 
  • Non-Rechargeable 
  • Non-Refillable
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg 

    Package Includes: 

     3 x Secret Sauce Grape - Fogg Disposable Pod Device

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